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We specialize in BodyArt

Welcome to FaeryDragon Facepaint! 

We are an artistic entertainment company built to suit different needs and preferences. We can set up to paint a variety of designs that are sure to make the wearer happy. We paint faces, arms and even pregnant bellies with skin safe hypo allergenic paints. We also have a large selection of stencils to provide Glitter tattoos as well as Temporary tattoos using an airbrush. We are licensed, insured and fully mobile and can set up at any event on the street, in your backyard or even somewhat remotely as we can have our own power supply.


We are a group of experienced facepaint artists who enjoy working with people and especially love brightening up children's faces.

We would be honored to join you at your home party or even large scale event. We will happily paint any custom design on your face, arm even little hands.

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Temporary  AirBrush Tattoos

Our talented staff are also skilled airbrush artists. In a matter of minutes we can apply water resistant designs that have realistic tattoo look. We carry a variety of colors and stencils if you are interested in wearing art for 3 to 5 days. 

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Glitter tattoos

We are also experienced in placing fun sparkly glitter tattoos. We are well trained and provide cute and stylized artwork in seconds to be appreciated for 5 to 7 days.

Belly Art

Are you expecting a baby? Would you like to decorate your little bump in an artists or cute way? We do belly painting too!

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Special Effects

Spook up your Halloween party this year. We have a select few artists who have years experience painting Special Effects make up. Invite us to your party this Halloween, we will kill it.

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